auth0 0.2.1 2019-09-26

  • Major Bugfix: Re-add remote_url option into _auth0.yml file and add a new auth0_local option (Issue #45, PR #47).

auth0 0.2.0 2019-09-20

auth0 0.1.2 Unreleased

  • Add auth0_credentials to user session data (Issue #39).
  • (breaking change) change login_info to auth0_info in the user session data (Issue #19).
  • Option to ignore auth0 and work as a normal shiny app, to save developing time (Issue #26).
  • Examples for different login types (google/facebook, database etc, Issue #23).
  • Solve bookmarking and URL parameters issue (Issue #22).
  • Improved logout button (Issue #24) (thanks to Dean Attali)
  • Improve handling and documentation of the config_file option (Issue #25).
  • Use shinyAppAuth0() instead of shinyAuth0App() and soft-deprecate shinyAuth0App() (Issue #18).
  • Better documentation - Handle multiple shiny apps and multiple auth0 apps (Issue #17). - Explain some RStudio details(Issues #15 and #16). - Explain environment variables (Issue #14). - Explain yml file config (Issue #13).
  • Add Dean Attali as contributor to the package.
  • test whitelisting with auth0 (Issue #10)

auth0 0.1.1 2019-02-13

  • added user info support with session$userData
  • added option to set configuration YAML file path in options(auth0_config_file=)
  • update use_auth0 function to also use AUTH0_USER environment variable to fill the api_url parameter automatically in the _auth0.yml file.
  • minor errors and bug fixes.