Create an YAML containing information to connect with Auth0.

use_auth0(path = ".", file = "_auth0.yml", overwrite = FALSE)



Directory name. Should be the root of the shiny app you want to add this functionality


File name. Defaults to _auth0.yml.


Will only overwrite existing path if TRUE.


The YAML configuration file has required parameters and extra parameters.

The required parameters are:

  • auth0_config is a list contaning at least:

    • api_url: Your account at Auth0 (e.g. It is the "Domain" in Auth0 application settings.

    • credentials: Your credentials to access Auth0 API, including

      • key: the Client ID in Auth0 application settings.

      • secret: the Client Secret in Auth0 application settings.

The extra parameters are:

  • remote_url: If you are using Shiny-Server or ShinyApps IO service.

  • scope: The information that Auth0 app will access. Defaults to "openid profile".

  • request: Endpoit to request a token. Defaults to "oauth/token"

  • access: Endpoit to access. Defaults to "oauth/token"