Beautiful R


Caio Lente + Curso-R




If you came here of your own volition, you’re probably an R programmer. Maybe you’re still a novice, maybe you’ve already had your fair share of cannot coerce type 'closure' errors; either way, you’re trying to grapple with this (at the time of writing) almost thirty years-old programming language.

It’s tough, I know. Take a deep breath. I’ve got you covered.

Beautiful R is a book about what R does right: its goal is to both help you succeed at programming R, and showcase this quirky little language’s full potential. Think of it as the antithesis to The R Inferno.

The book is divided into three sections in increasing order of complexity:

  1. Structure explains how to create and use R projects effectively. Learn how to setup your environment, use code editors responsibly, and never lose a file again.

  2. Patterns is full of tips on programming R well. Transform your projects into packages, avoid silly mistakes by creating unit tests, and learn how to write good R code.

  3. Style covers the last step in the ladder: making your code clean, easy to understand, and beautiful. Once you are able to consistently write good code, it’s time to start writing great code.